SLCM provides the following mentioned services in Myanmar.

SLCM Ltd. Myanmar is managing a network of 320+ Industrial Zones and managing 8.00+ Million Sq. Ft. of Area by handling 1450+ commodities and Throughput of 12.00+ Million MT

SLCM in India has defined and implemented systems and scientific processes which are making agriculture logistics independent of infrastructure and agnostic to geographical location irrespective of the crop. Taking it forward, SLCM Ltd. was established in Yangon region of Myanmar. Warehousing Services can be broadly classified into categories mentioned below:

Professional Warehousing

We take charge of the complete warehouse or its chambers / area on lease / long lease basis and offer the space to different clients for storage of the commodities. The rates and other terms & conditions are mutually agreed upon between SLCM and the customer through an agreement.

Warehousing Management Services (WMS)

Warehousing for Organic Products

Warehousing for Horticulture

Quality Testing Services

Fumigation Services

Assaying Services